Paediatric Cardiology Services

Our aim is to provide outstanding service without waiting periods and with investigations performed and interpreted on the day of the consultation.

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Paediatric Cardiology Services Melbourne

Melbourne Heart Clinic for Kids is staffed by highly experienced and caring, specialist Paediatric Cardiologists and dedicated technologists, our aim is to provide outstanding service without waiting periods and with investigations performed and interpreted on the day of the consultation.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

An ECG is a recording of the electrical activity of the heart. It is taken by placing small sticky probes on the chest, arms and legs of your child. It is not painful but your child needs to keep still for a few minutes.

Echocardiograph (Echo)

An echocardiography machine uses sound waves to create a moving picture of your child’s heart. A trained and accredited sonographer will perform the echo. An instrument (Echo probe) that transmits and receives sound waves will be placed in various positions on your child’s chest. It may take up to one hour to complete the test. It is performed in a semi-dark quiet room. It does not cause any pain and your child is required to lie still.

Holter monitor

A Holter Monitor is a small wearable device that keeps a recording of your child’s heart rhythm. It records the electrical activity with three small sticky probes on the chest. Your child wears the device for one or two days and the device records all the heart beats during that time. Your child can continue their normal daily activities when wearing the monitor apart from bathing or showering.


For all clinic services we require full payment on the day of the test. Patients can enquire about the cost of their visit, test or procedure when making an appointment. We can provide you with a guideline of what you are likely to pay out-of-pocket when you book your appointment.

Payment methods

We accept credit card and provide EFTPOS facilities. We ask patients to settle accounts in full on the day of consultation. We can also lodge Medicare claims electronically, so that Medicare rebates are automatically sent to your nominated bank account.


Please note that in order for a Medicare refund to be payable, a valid referral is required. Referrals from general practitioners are valid for 12 months and those from specialists are valid for 3 months only.

If a referral is not current, Medicare will pay only a small portion of the Medicare rebate.Please make sure that you have a current referral so you are eligible to claim your rebate from Medicare.


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If you are a practitioner looking to refer a patient please complete a referral form here and we will get back to as soon as possible.